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A logo is more than just your business name, it is the beginning of your business brand. 

SDR Logo Color FINAL.jpg

Salty Dawg owners came to Creative Marketing and Design to create their new business brand for a local paddleboard rental company. They were fairly new in town and needed to get a logo so they could start marketing their business. They needed a brand strategy and brand identity, including logo, business cards, rack cards and website. 



We started with a consultation over the phone, they explained their business and how they were going to be different than their competition in town. They also mentioned that they have a Frenchie and they wanted him to be part of their logo. Dogs do ride paddleboards... they just can't paddle!

We started with a simple black and white logo. We wanted to get the design down before we started choosing colors and fonts. I needed them to figure out what image(s) they wanted. Each image was hand-drawn in Illustrator and we test out multiple typography sets. 

SDR Logo rev10-13-20_Page_3.jpg

concepts + mock ups


SDR Logo rev10-13-20_Page_1.jpg
SDR Logo rev10-13-20_Page_2.jpg
SDR Logo working Color_Page_3.jpg
SDR Logo working Color_Page_2.jpg
SDR Logo working Color_Page_5.jpg

revisions + color


Once they chose two layouts in the black and white we moved on to trying out colors and different fonts. Salt Dawg Rentals was a beach company, they wanted an old school feel, with an old school California vibe. 


SDR BC Mock.png

create brand identity

Now that the colors and fonts where chosen it was time to incorporate them into Salty Dawg Rentals brand identity. We provided them with a brand guide to allow them to be consistent across all medias and designs. We created their business cards, rack cards and website to mirror the look and feel of their new logo. 

SDR Logo Specifications.jpg
SDR Logo Specifications.jpg
SDR Logo Specifications_edited.png
SDR Logo Specifications.jpg
SDR Logo Specifications.jpg
SDR Website Mockup.png
SDR Card Mock.png
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