Your logo is your face of your business

Before I start the process of designing a logo I have to research, feel, and understand what the business is about and how it makes you feel. It is the face of a business, it needs to be attractive and inviting yet still be professional and mean business. When designing Lori Elig Designs logo I knew she wanted to have the coastal, Naples feeling... but she has been an Interior Designer for many years, so it needed that "I know what I am doing, this isn't my first rodeo" feel too. And color, well that is easy part... NOT SO MUCH! I knew there were many shades of blue, but not until we looked at many options did I realize how different a slight tint can make... How different it made you feel!

So after many revisions we thought we had it nailed... it was perfect... but then when I placed it in it's context I knew it was still missing something. A few more revisions and here you go, a great design with balance, perfect coloring, perfect fonts, and the feeling of what Lori Elig Designs represents... Clean, Coastal and Beautiful Design!

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