There is a form for that

If you stand on the corner holding and waving a sign are you in marketing? If you design a flyer on a cocktail napkin are you a designer? I think the answer to these questions is YES!

It isn't about the programs or method you use, its about the ideas that bring in customers and the creativity that brings it to life. As I sit here so many "ideas" go through my mind for marketing, design and grassroots ways to attract and retain customers... so why aren't I doing them?

My first thought is because I need a way to track these ideas and create an action plan to make it happen. I am a huge proponent of processes (and forms), if you have ever worked with me or for me you know I always have a form for that! Forms allow you to start a routine, allow you to organize things in a manner that is clear and methodical, once you start using the form it becomes habit. Soon you go through the process of the tasks associated with that project and don't need the form, or sometimes you still do, but at least you know what the steps are. So today I will create a form for my ideas. It will be very specific on small tasks to help move the idea through the process, it will have action items on how to think further though the idea and what has to happen to make the idea a reality.

Do you need processes and forms for your business to help organize tasks, ideas, or projects? Creative Marketing and Design will provide your business with effective, creative solutions within your budget and timeline.

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