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I love learning, learning something new makes you feel good and makes you feel even just a bit more smarter than before.

There are so many places to learn things, it used to be you had to read a book on something or learn by watching someone you knew but now with the internet you can learn just about anything online. It almost makes you feel like you could do anything, I have watched how to videos and it all seems so easy, I could totally change my car oil, while playing the guitar drinking my homemade moonshine. So at what point do you allow an "expert" to do their job?

Here is my list of when you should call in the "experts"

  1. When it involves anything that could harm you either physically, mentally or legally.

  2. When you have tried to do it yourself and it doesn't turn out like planned.

  3. When you don't have the time to learn it and you need it done now, or when your time is more valuable in another area.

But if you are into learning new things and want to find places to do that, check out these pretty awesome sites that can teach you something new today... and feel smarter tomorrow!


You can sign up for a free month's trial, that is a lot of learning.


They will send you courses in your email every morning.

Wonder How To

Become a techy in minutes.


Learn a new language while playing games on your phone.

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